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Evergreen Erosion Control is an innovative leader in the commercial grassing industry in the southeastern US. Located in Alabama and Georgia, Evergreen has the experience, equipment and personnel to tackle any job. Evergreen specializes in grass establishment through the use of cutting edge hydro-matting and hydro-seeding products and techniques. Our background in farming combined with our knowledge of modern erosion control techniques and products uniquely situates us as leaders in the erosion control industry.

Using our Finn Titan 330 Series hydro-seeders, we can spray seed, fertilizer, lime and hydro-matting all in one application. Hydro-matting outperforms straw blankets because it adheres to the soil, making the water roll over the blanket instead of penetrating underneath. This stabilization allows adequate moisture contact with the grass seed and the soil, thus providing optimum conditions for grass establishment. We believe this hydraulic application of matting and seed is the future in the erosion control industry.

Our hydro-seeders are capable of tackling any size job. With a 3000 gallon capacity and a 115 horsepower motor we can spray up to a distance of 230 feet. This ability allows us to make fewer passes over an area while covering it quicker. We have a Titan 330 hydro-seeder mounted on a Kenworth truck that can cover most areas where traction and soil compaction is not an issue. To cover sloped, soft, or sensitive areas we have a Titan 330 hydro-seeder mounted on a Timberjack log forwarder. This 8 wheeled machine has superior traction and a minimal footprint to cover sensitive sites. It allows us to go places traditional equipment cannot reach. Nobody else in the industry can cover “off-road” areas like we can!

For traditional straw/hay mulching we have a fleet of John Deere tractors with hay blowers. When used in conjunction with our Brillion seeders, these blowers allow us to get uniform coverage of mulch on traditionally seeded areas.

For more information on our Titan 330 hydro-seeders, visit the Finn website.
Log Forwarder Hydroseeder
Log Forwarder Hydroseeder

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