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Environmental regulations are getting tougher by the minute. Contractors and project owners demand thorough erosion control and fast grass establishment. Evergreen Erosion Control is a leader in the erosion control industry in the southeast. With our fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment we can help you meet your erosion control needs with speed and professionalism.

Traditional erosion control methods can sometimes result in less than desirable soil stabilization and grass establishment. Without careful planning and preparation, the cost for these services can outweigh the benefits. In many cases our hydro-matting and hydro-seeding services produce quicker results, more thorough erosion control, and a more cost effective solution than traditional methods. These benefits allow our clients to realize tremendous savings in both time and productivity.

We believe we offer superior service and a fast, effective solution to your erosion control needs. Give us a chance to price your next job and see the savings for yourself!

Our Safety and our Clients

All of our employees have had thorough background checks and drug testing. Our crews have been through extensive safety training and specialize in working on sensitive job sites. They have been through the Southern Company Power Safe Training and are authorized to work on numerous power generation sites. We take pride in having a safe working environment and believe it is essential to helping our clients achieve their erosion control needs in a cost effective manner.

Kenworth Hydroseeder
Kenworth Hydroseeder

JD7230 with Brillion Seeder
JD7230 with Brillion Seeder
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